Supply Chain Guru

Supply Chain Guru is a leading supply chain design and analysis application that enables you to understand the answers through modelling, simulating and analysing your supply chain network.

You can design alternatives and explore the service, performance, costs and risks associated with change. All within a single integrated software platform. Supply Chain Guru has an:

Intuitive User Interface

Supply Chain Guru features the Visual Modeller to make network set up easy and intuitive. Project Navigator allows you to quickly move from scenario to scenario or model to model. Reporting is quick and easy, in a variety of maps, graphs and charts. Allowing the end user to easily utilise and maintain the tool to maximise the benefits from its use.

Advanced Supply Chain Intelligence Database 

The system includes auto deployment of Microsoft® Access® or Microsoft SQL Server®. It holds product data, ESRI GIS reference data as well as attributes on demand, transportation, sourcing, inventory, and production. Pre-configured connectors make access to SAP transportation rate tables, or any enterprise data source easy and dynamic.

Powerful Design Engine 

The Design Engine contains multiple integrated solvers — operations research algorithms — that perform network, product flow, cost-to-serve, and inventory and transportation optimizations as well as greenfield and demand analysis. Enterprise simulation allows designs to be simulated and validated under real world constraints.

Ever ask yourself, ‘what if?’

Supply Chain Guru is a powerful and proven tool that can: 

  • Design and Optimize Your Supply Chain – determine the optimal supply chain network structure and operating policies from a cost, profit and/or service perspective. Answer questions such as insource vs outsource, onshore vs offshore.
  • Assess the opportunities, risks, feasibility and implications of different supply chain & inventory strategies – simulate operations to predict service rates, inventory levels, and site capacity constraints for any hypothetical supply chain structure.
  • Analyse Cost to Serve – gain insight into the cost-to-serve and margin-to-serve at the customer-SKU level for both existing and alternative networks.
  • Optimize Product Flow – help you determine which products should be shipped via air, rail, or truck, and the appropriate distribution path to meet determined service levels while minimizing transportation costs
  • Transportation Modelling – Create optimal transportation plans based on total cost and service constraints.
  • Sales and Operations Planning – Optimization of very large models can be performed quickly and easily, and S&OP is easily integrated with disparate data sources throughout your enterprise.
  • Merger and Acquisition Rationalisation – Model competing supply chains, evaluate their relative strengths, examine alternative structures, optimise the proposed new network, and simulate multiple scenarios in order to predict the resulting financial and operational performance of a merged or divested enterprise.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis – Calculate your supply chain’s carbon footprint, determine the most cost-effective network.
  • Analyse Lowest Landed Cost – Identify the lowest total landed cost for each product in the network—from suppliers through to end customers
  • Risk Analysis and Contingency Planning – Identify alternate sources, routes, transportation modes, or production processes that may be required during supply chain disruptions.
  • Improve Your Strategic Sourcing – define and quantify alternatives to support your business strategy. Cost vs. time, inventory vs. service, fixed costs vs. variable costs.

Using Supply Chain Guru, we can conduct fact-based analysis to support supply chain decision-making. This enables our clients to act with confidence and deliver superior cost, capital, service and asset efficiency improvements. This in turn results in superior Return on Capital Employed (ROCE).

Achieving real results

With Supply Chain Guru, we offer you an end-to-end optimisation approach. This covers every relation within the supply chain; from customer relationships, production plants and distribution centres to suppliers, manufacturers and distributors. Supply Chain Guru is a complete supply chain design platform. We can adapt and re-design your existing network, or design a completely new network.

The software represents essential attributes of the network, such as:

  • Locations
  • Production lines
  • Routes
  • Modes of transport
  • Customer markets
  • Supply relationships
  • Material flows
  • Costs

Supply Chain Guru provides realistic network mapping as it considers all relevant constraints and restrictions in its calculations, e.g. delivery times, service requirements, inventory, transport and production capacities, cost factors for handling, transport or fixed entries, road networks and freight rates, non-linear cost functions, and many more.

Supply Chain Guru System Features

Supply Chain Guru has a number of advanced features to analyse and optimise your supply chain.

Supply Chain Analysis Algorithms & Techniques
  • Detailed costing and behavioural characteristics for all key supply chain elements.
  • Multiple constraints for key inputs, such as product flow, facility capacity, inventory and transportation.
  • Multi time period analysis for use in both long-term capital planning and short-term operational planning.
Multi-Echelon Inventory Modelling 
  • Advanced algorithms can be used to determine safety stock, pre-build considerations for high demand periods, or pre-positioning stock due to seasonality.
  • Product categorization/segmentation tools to perform segmentation of key product attributes.
  • Calculates re-order points and order quantity levels for numerous inventory strategies.
Product Flowpath Optimisation 
  • SKU-level Mixed Integer Programming / Linear Programming (MIP / LP) optimisation solver that will scale to handle all products in the supply chain.
  • Trade off multiple transportation modes, replenishment frequencies, inventory holding costs, and cycle stock to determine a lowest “total landed cost” per product.
  • Run in multiple time periods to determine flow changes based on seasonality or capacity constraints.
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Modelling 
  • Model emissions associated with transportation modes, facility energy usage, and supplier-based emissions factors.
  • Benchmark data for emissions by transportation mode.
  • Can constrain optimisation based on emissions and includes offset prices & cost of carbon calculations.
Discrete Event Simulation
  • Simulation engine that will fulfil demand using an event calendar
  • Scalable to handle thousands of SKUs and annual demand records.
  • Animates supply chain flows geographically.
Transportation Routing Optimisation (Configurable Option) 
  • Optimises inbound and outbound multi-stop routes and daily routing and delivery schedules for periodic routes.
  • Leverages advanced geocoding capabilities to display vehicle routing results in a visual, intuitive format.
Data Integration, Data Editing and Error Checking
  • Automated MS Excel import/export
  • External data integration utility for ERP (including pre-configured SAP connector)
  • Real-time connection to external data sources
  • Data verification and error handling utilities
Visualization and Reporting Tools
  • Visual modelling and flowchart views of supply chain
  • Pre-configured graphs and reporting, including: rolled up financials, production details, transportation details, product landed costs, and facility costs
  • Configurable charts and graphs with access to all cost data
  • Publish reports to third-party reporting packages
The Benefits

Supply chain network design provides a significant, yet often unexploited opportunity for companies to reduce costs and improve service levels. A quality network design initiative can identify as much as 10%-20% cost savings in your supply chain, whilst maintaining or improving your customer service levels.

To achieve optimisation and significant cost savings you need comprehensive data about all facets of your supply chain. GRA’s expert consultants utilise the market-leading software Supply Chain Guru® to leverage your data, better visualise and model your supply chain and reduce your costs.


"GRA conducted a very thorough analysis and provided recommendations within an ambitious timeframe... GRA helped us improve morale and productivity almost immediately while giving us a roadmap for strategic planning as it relates to our warehouse operations."

– Larry Fells, Managing Director, Liberty Medical Pty Ltd

Typical results

  • 20-40% inventory investment reduction
  • increased service levels ranging up to 99.9%
  • 10%-15% reduction in supply chain operating costs
  • 5%-20% spend management savings
  • the ability to fund business initiatives from operating cash flow (OCF) improvements
  • improved return on capital employed (ROCE)
  • a minimum 3:1 ROI (10:1 to 30:1 typical)