GRA Defence and Veteran Support

Authored by Mark Leatham

GRA has a long-standing relationship with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) having delivered consulting services in most areas of Defence logistics since 1997. 

GRA was founded by two ex-Defence members Steve Bray and Peter Burgess as well as Carter McNabb. All three founding Partners are still actively involved with GRA, a company that currently employs a team of fifty including 14 ex-Defence members. 

GRA Director and Defence Logistics expert, Mark Leatham, answers our questions on the Defence Reserves and Veteran Support opportunities within GRA.

Q: What does GRA have to offer to former ADF Veterans and/or those looking to leave the military?

Mark Leatham: GRA was founded by two ex-Defence members and we currently have another 14 ex-Defence members on the team from all three Services and the APS.  Their knowledge and experience have been exceptionally transferrable to be able to understand the ADF Logistics Domain and the challenges faced.  Many of those members remain on the Defence Reserves and one is currently on a full-time operational deployment to Afghanistan.

GRA has had considerable success delivering logistics and supply chain consultancy services to the ADF.  We have a strong reputation within the ADF and are viewed as a trusted partner. As a Defence Reserves Supporter and signatory to the Soldier On Pledge, GRA actively looks to employ former serving members and those looking to leave the ADF. 

GRA offers an excellent transition program whereby new staff members can continue to retain their Service connections and maintain their Defence Reserves status.  As well as working on Defence Projects, sufficient flexibility exists for staff to undertake some part-time Defence Reserve work.  Ideally, this is undertaken via a mix of work in their own time and some during GRA work time when the need arises.

Q: What areas of Defence does GRA support?

Mark Leatham: GRA has delivered direct consulting services to Defence for over 23 years.  We are the incumbent contractor delivering the Advanced Inventory Management System (AIMS) in support of CASG, JLC and the Service Capability Managers.

GRA is a member of the Defence Support Services Panel that offers 20 logistics and supply chain services to the ADF.  We are also a member of each of the Major Service Provider Panels.

As well as providing current services to most Defence logistics areas, GRA provides on-going support services to Defence Industry partners including Thales.

Q: What is the Defence Reserves Support scheme?

Mark Leatham: The Defence Reserves Support (DRS) scheme is a Government-funded program that provides the provisions for commercial companies to allow Defence Reserve members to undertake periods of part-time or full-time military service while continuing to work in their civilian employment. 

This allows former serving members to retain their military professional competencies and retain currency if ever recalled to active duty.

The DRS scheme includes financial provisions to reimburse companies when Reserve members are seconded to active duty.  While primarily established to cover short-duration activities it can also be extended to enable longer periods of duty, for example, it was recently further enacted by the Governor-General of Australia for all Reservists to support the national bushfire emergency.

Q: What is the Soldier On Pledge?

Mark Leatham: Soldier On is a veteran support agency that supports former serving members with recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration back with their families and community as well as pathways into the civilian workplace.  As members progress along their rehabilitation journey, Soldier On can assist them with a range of training and mentoring programs to prepare them for the civilian workforce. 

As well as securing valuable qualifications they also have garnered the support of a multitude of Australian businesses, including GRA, who have committed to the Pledge.  By signing the Pledge, companies agree to look for opportunities to employ former serving members and provide details of suitable career vacancies to Soldier On to advertise on their membership portal.

Q: How can GRA assist and advise current and former serving members of the ADF?

Mark Leatham: GRA is always looking for quality former serving military members with a background in Logistics, Engineering and/or Maintenance who have a skill and passion for the delivery of high-quality consultancy services.  There is also a good opportunity for those currently serving members looking for an opportunity to transition from the ADF.  Due to certain constraints and the challenges of a military career, there are often crossroads where the member might need to consider separating from the ADF and GRA can certainly offer a long-term career path for the right person with the right goals. 

Mark and the team in the Canberra office are always available and happy to meet with current and former serving members.  There would be no obligation, but the opportunity to learn more about GRA and what the individual wants to bring to the company to explore opportunities to work together in support of the ADF Logistics Domain.

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We invited GRA to run a workshop to educate the broader business on S&OP, help us design a next level S&OP process and map out the requirements and next steps to implementation. We have made significant progress with S&OP since the workshop, the key aspect is that it has been accepted at all levels and there is commitment to the process which was the big hurdle.

– Lee Rawstron, Head of Operations ANZ, Sinochem Australia

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