The AFGC’s Trading Partner Forum (TPF) Collaborative Logistics Report

The Australian Food & Grocery Council's Trading Partner Forum (TPF) has just released a report on Collaborative logistics.

The objective of the Collaborative Logistics project is to provide thought leadership aimed at provoking positive change within the industry through highlighting opportunities for industry wide collaboration in physical logistics, which will ultimately enhance the value proposition for the industry’s shared customers, shoppers and consumers. 

In the first half of 2018 a qualitative and quantitative study was undertaken by GRA, on behalf of the TPF, into current levels of capacity utilisation in the supplier –retailer warehousing and transport network. The report, capturing findings from the investigative phase of the study provides a high-level overview, noting a broad array of opportunities and challenges in regards to industry-wide logistics collaboration. 

As a summary of findings in the first phase of project work, this report is being released to industry both in order to keep you abreast of the TPF’s work, but also, importantly, as a thought and discussion starter among industry participates both within your own businesses and with trading partners. 

The industry level opportunities identified within the report are now being reviewed by the TPF Executive Committee in more detail, more information on the next phase of the project will be available shortly. 

Access the Collaborative Logistics Report below.

Download – PDF (2.0 MB)
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GRA’s practical experience and delivery focus were key to the success of this program. Also their collaborative way of engaging and working with stakeholders meant that we felt they were “doing it with us” rather than “doing it to us”. Overall, GRA's deep expertise, professional approach and shared commitment to delivering results made them the perfect partner for our multi-year Procurement transformation program.

– David White, Manager Enterprise Procurement, Aurizon

Typical results

  • 20-40% inventory investment reduction
  • increased service levels ranging up to 99.9%
  • 10%-15% reduction in supply chain operating costs
  • 5%-20% spend management savings
  • the ability to fund business initiatives from operating cash flow (OCF) improvements
  • improved return on capital employed (ROCE)
  • a minimum 3:1 ROI (10:1 to 30:1 typical)