Whitepaper: COVID-19 Supply Chain Navigation Series - #3

June 11, 2020


In this final whitepaper in this series, we review just how unclear the path forward is and why supply chain scenario planning is so critical for success and survival. We also outline an approach that can deliver greater supply chain resilience and embed the capability to adapt effectively to the continually changing environment.


  • The road to recovery is unclear, with published health and economic metric forecasts exhibiting broad ranges of uncertainty
  • Robust scenario planning is an important capability to prepare your business to navigate the upcoming period
  • The OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) model is one such framework to enable effective decision-making to be made more rapidly than the rate the environment changes – staying ahead of the curve
  • In general, scenario planning is not a mature, well established capability in Australian industry –  many organisations will likely need to invest in people, processes and technology to effectively realise this capability 

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