Webinar recording: New Priorities for Australian Retail Supply Chains

June 3, 2020

In this webinar hosted by Australia's NORA Network, the panel look at the new priorities for Australian retail supply chains in this post-COVID world.

The Panel included:

  • James Allt-Graham, Partner, GRA Supply Chain Consultants
  • Mark Rizza, General Manager - Global Supply Chain, Forever New Clothing
  • Mark Brady, Supply Chain Director, McPherson's Consumer Products
  • Nishan Wijemanne, CEO, Cohesio Group

The topics explored:

  1. COVID-19 has been a true test for supply chain leaders as we've witnessed rapid impact to our supply chains. What are some insights into 'a day in the life' of those managing supply chains through this complex phase?
  2. There have been many new opportunities (in amongst the challenges) within the supply chain that have emerged throughout this COVID-19 phase, particularly for those who have responded quickly and have agile capabilities, what are the opportunities, or perhaps new learnings that have arisen for your organisations?
  3. Managing supply chain risk in the next 6-18 months may now have a different trajectory - what critical changes do you see being rolled out in the months to come?
  4. From a supply chain leadership perspective, what do you see are the new requirements for supply chain managers, what qualities do you feel are needed to successful lead our retail supply chains?

The webinar concludes with questions from the audience.