GRA launches COVID 19 – Rapid Supply Chain Response & Practical Quick wins

March 24, 2020

COVID-19 is having an unprecedented impact on supply chains with rapid changes in demand profiles, supplier capabilities, inventory levels, pressure on network infrastructure and supply chain teams.

The need to identify risks and opportunities quickly and act rapidly is essential. And importantly, actions need to be informed to deliver optimal outcomes noting that decision complexity has increased markedly.

In addition, plans need to be made to manage the transition back as conditions settle. There is a real risk of excess inventories, demand misses or a costly and/or inappropriately configured supply chain if this transition isn’t well managed.

We know supply chain teams are under enormous pressure and most don’t have the capacity to take action on all these areas, this is where GRA can help.

In order to help our clients meet these challenges, we have created a focused, hands-on and results-oriented support program.

It’s called the “Triple A” Supply Chain Response Program as it provides:

  • Deep Analysis capabilities to quickly identify risk and opportunities
  • Detailed, tailored Action plans to drive optimal cost, service, inventory and working capital results
  • Highly skilled and experienced people to work operationally in your organisation and Augment your team’s capacity and capability

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