GRA interviewed by The Guardian about COVID-19's impact on supply chains

March 17, 2020

GRA's Shanaka Jayasinghe was recently interviewed by The Guardian about the impact COVID-19 is having on Australian Supermarket and Grocery supply chains.

"Shanaka Jayasinghe, director of supply chain consultancy GRA, said Australian supermarkets were better placed than most other countries to plan for such a contingency, partly because of the large supermarket duopoly.

"Jayasinghe said one of the biggest challenges for the supermarket supply chain would be the lingering impact of panic buying.

“When you’ve got very lumpy demand that is quite significant, you need to consider what that does to demand for the remainder of the year. If you see two years’ worth of toilet paper sold in a three-week period. How is that going to eat into your supply and demand into the future?

“From an agriculture point of view, there’s a lot of regions that are dependent on that backpacker-type workforce. At the same time, I’d say it would be a very understanding consumer right now, compared to a couple of months ago, in terms of the shape of a banana or pear.”