Video: Demand Planning Optimisation with Machine Learning & AI

September 17, 2019

In his presentation to an ASCI audience in Melbourne, GRA Partner Carter McNabb discusses Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the significant opportunities for supply chains. Specifically, he covers the impact on demand planning and inventory optimisation as well as sales, inventory and operations planning (SIOP).

Furthermore Carter looks at what’s real and what’s hype in ML and AI in 2019. He reveals what systems and toolsets are utilising these cutting edge capabilities to help improve demand planning outcomes.

Following Carter's presentation is a demonstration of the GAINS advanced planning system by GRA Partner Luke Tomkin and GRA Manager Nathan Singhavong. The demonstration takes the audience through the three essential modules of the system: Demand Planning, Inventory Optimisation and Replenishment Planning and how ML and AI are being applied to great effect in these areas.

Find out more and view the presentation Demand Planning Optimisation with Machine Learning & AI