GRA Launches partnership with Thales

August 14, 2019

GRA announces the launch of its new Supply Chain Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service offer in partnership with Thales in Australia. The partnership will expand both companies’ service offering in support of the sustainment of the ADF’s Direct Fire Support Weapons (DFSW) capability.

For GRA, the partnership represents the building of a new Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service offer, providing Thales with a team of experienced supply chain professionals with in-depth knowledge of the ADF integrated logistics system to deliver value driven supply support outcomes. The BPO service complements Thales’s proven capabilities in maintenance and engineering, R&D and through life support, allowing Thales to deliver better service and performance across the complete range of Capability Sustainment responsibilities.

The benefits of the GRA Business Process Outsourcing service include:

  • Lower costs across the Capability Life Cycle (CLC)
  • Improved stock availability and supply chain agility
  • Provision of a team of dedicated supply chain professionals managing the end-to-end supply chain, allowing our partners to focus on their core business activities

According to Graham Evenden, Thales’s Director Integrated Weapons and Sensors, Vehicles and Tactical Systems, the decision to partner with GRA for the delivery of the AFUR supply support services has ensured that Thales can better meet the ADF’s expectations of its industry partners around the provision of the full range of Sustainment services; both now and in the future.

Steve Bray, Partner, GRA added, “To be able to deliver a new supply services operating model where GRA is directly responsible for driving down life cycle costs and improving supply chain performance, by challenging supply chain strategy, planning and execution paradigms, is almost a dream come true.”


Photo credit: Light Ex Machina / Thales