New Video: Live from Finance & Procurement Sit Down Sydney

May 16, 2019

GRA Partner James Allt-Graham and GRA Director Craig Millis provide an on-location overview of the Finance and Procurement Sit-Down at the Sofitel in Sydney.

Highlights from the event include:

  • How small, incremental changes can significantly impact an organisation over time
  • The heightened expectations of procurement in today’s business environment. How we are moving beyond traditional methods to finding new and creative ways to bring value to an organisation
  • The increasing demand for transparency in procurement and supply chain operations to drive better social and environmental outcomes
  • Highlighting the need for procurement functions to become more responsive to business needs, changing environments and changing market conditions  
  • The importance of aligning procurement with the overall business strategy, and integrating procurement and supply chain strategies
  • Procurement transformations through the latest in digital technology

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