GRA - Supportive Employer of the Defence Reserves

September 14, 2018

GRA is proud to be recognised as a Supportive Employer of the Defence Reserves.

As a specialist supply chain consulting firm, GRA’s team includes experts from a diverse range of backgrounds including; engineers, IT specialists, logisticians, business analysts and accountants from both the Commercial and Defence sectors. 

At GRA, we believe that adding Defence Reservists to our team has helped us develop an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges and pressures faced by the ADF and can assist us in optimising smart, sustainable and cost-effective solutions. 

“Defence Reserves bring Reservist skills (learnt through their unique training) and industry insights to our organisation, which builds on the existing experience and expertise of our civilian employees,” said Mark Leatham, GRA Director - Defence and Government Business.

“As a part-time Royal Australian Air Force Reservist, I am grateful to work for a company that acknowledges my military commitments and helps me manage deliverables both for the ADF and GRA.” 

Promoting the cross-over skills obtained from GRA and Defence is a great opportunity for both organisations.