Supply Chain Automation: A Secret Weapon or Futuristic ideology?

August 15, 2016

GRA's Amit Asthana and Charles Edwards are the authors of a new article Supply Chain Automation: A Secret Weapon or Futuristic ideology?

To remain competitive, organisations must take advantage of the latest technology. Automation of material handling is one area of innovation that has proven to be vital in mitigating operational risk, improving efficiencies and remaining competitive.

Over the last few years an increasing number of companies have chosen to automate their operations. The $152 billion global industrial automation market has grown at 6% per year for more than a decade, which is nearly twice as fast as the overall industrial production growth rate.

Automation technologies can significantly reduce reliance on intensive and repetitive labour; leading to safer workplaces, increased throughput volumes and reduced expenses. Due to these benefits, and the lowered costs of implementation, more manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and storage companies are turning to automation technologies to innovate their organisations.

This article explores what automation processes are applicable to your organisation: What are the potential benefits, the limitations and critically, the investment requirements? 

Read the full article as published in AMT Magazine.