Retail Supply Chain Whitepaper - Part Two

January 29, 2016
Physical Network Optimisation

Today, the Australian Retail sector is shadowed by an unprecedented amount of change and uncertainty. 

Evidence of this change is printed every day in Australian newspapers. Board executives are all too aware of the urgency in adaptive survival. Like Australia’s manufacturing industry which faced a fight or flight predicament, Australian retailers are now fighting to remain relevant amongst new international entrants such as Zara, ALDI, Costco, H&M and Topshop. 

Responding to these threats, major Australian Retailers such as Super Retail Group, David Jones, Coles and Metcash have all indicated to shareholders that their strategic plans involve significant supply chain restructures. These boards are prepared to invest in the short term to realise long term sustainable growth. 

What is certain, however, is the typical Australian retailer needs to be able to do more with less, in a setting that inherently has significant supply chain complications. 

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