GRA to Present at Supply Chain Forum 2015

August 10, 2015

GRA Partner, James Allt-Graham, will be the keynote speaker at the 2015 Supply Chain Forum. He will present on the topic:

Superior Supply Chains lead to Business Improvement: How your supply chain can be a source of competitive advantage

About the presentation:

Over the last 10-15 years the view of the Supply Chain has matured from a necessary evil to a strategic function. Supply Chains are no longer just about trucks and warehouses, but Strategy and Operations. An optimised Supply Chain is widely recognised as essential in delivering a company’s customer value proposition in alignment with the overall business strategy. 

Driving performance out of an organisation’s Supply Chain remains one of the most significant and accessible step-change opportunities that a company can undertake. And perhaps one of the most exciting revelations is that the opportunity and the resultant substantial improvements in working capital, cost and service levels, improved profitability, asset turnover and key financial ratios, already exist within the company. 

Yet while the Supply Chain is now recognised for its business potential and has received a corresponding – often significant - rise in investment, only a handful or organisations are experiencing substantial improvement in business performance as a result. The reason for this discrepancy in investment versus return, is usually down to the identification and successful execution of three processes. This presentation will reveal the key attributes required for a supply chain to become a source of competitive advantage - highlighting the one that is most often the ‘missing link’. 

James will also be a panelist on the Stakeholder Management Discussion on Day 2 of the event along with Jaydeep Solanki, Director - Global Purchasing & Supply Chain at GM Holden and Elham Jalilzadeh, Head of Supply Chain at Optus.

About the event:

The Supply Chain Forum is a unique opportunity, congregating only the most senior supply chain executives from all sectors of the national economy. The event gathers executives from all sectors of the economy for an important and intelligent discussion about supply chain and logistics in broader business strategy that emphasizes actionable insights and exemplary strategy. Executives will be in attendance to learn from exemplary practice, share professional experiences, be inspired by noted business leaders and network with key influencers in the industry.

The event is from 11th – 12th August in Sydney, Australia. 

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