Thought Leadership Series: Melbourne Breakfast Event

May 13, 2014

GRA Partners Carter McNabb and James Allt-Graham will be the keynote speakers at a Six Degrees Executive forum 'Driving a return from your supply chain investment' this July in Melbourne. 

These are difficult times. Input costs are increasing, selling prices are deflating and manufacturing is under continued pressure. Driving performance out of your supply chain remains one of the most significant and accessible step-change opportunity we see consistently in industry.

Over the past 10 years, organisations have spent considerable time and money on investments in new supply chain systems, better collaboration with customers and suppliers and new infrastructure. Even the role of the supply chain manager has evolved from back-room cost centre manager to boardroom executive. However, why is it that service levels continue to be lower than required and costs such as inventory, transport and warehousing have not come down as anticipated in the investment business cases? Why is it, despite all this investment, the “backbone” processes such as demand planning, inventory planning and supply planning remain dis-integrated?

At this forum we will explore some of the key factors blocking organisations from realising the improvement opportunities that exist in their supply chain. In particular:

  • Why isn’t improved demand planning accuracy and customer collaboration delivering best in class service levels, optimal inventories and streamlined supply chain costs?
  • Why is our service level below the expectation of our customers?
  • What is preventing us from optimising inventory and reducing inventory related costs?
  • What critical levers can we pull for scenario planning around service, cost and capital trade-offs?
  • How can we systemically manage risk, variance and cost in our demand and supply chains?

By the end of the session, participants will be equipped with tips and techniques designed to help unlock value - the opportunities are hidden, but already exists and can deliver substantial improvements in working capital, cost and service levels leading to improved profits, asset turnover and financial ratios such as Return on Capital Employed (ROCE).

This event is by invitation only. Please contact Six Degrees Executive for information about attending. 


Post presentation Note:

You can view the presentation here.