GRA Improving Supply Chain Management Knowledge

September 1, 2006

Next week GRA Partner, Carter McNabb, will conduct a course on Forecasting and Inventory Management for the Asia Pacific Centre for Continuing and Professional Development (a division of the Asia Business Forum) in both Singapore and Bangkok.

As an active supporter and contributor of educational excellence, GRA recognises that addressing the training, mentoring and coaching needs of supply chain practitioners is paramount in maintaining international competitiveness, as well as supporting the next generation of supply chain leaders.

This course is part of GRA’s Knowledge Development Services which includes:

Training & Education
GRA is actively involved with Monash University, running its graduate level course in Managing Supply Chain Inventory within the Logistics & Supply Chain Management Masters Program. GRA is also involved in Monash University’s Executive Development Program, an annual event run in conjunction with Michigan State University.

Culture Change
Any significant changes in supply chain management within an organisation can only be achieved by by addressing the cultural, process and technology issues simultaneously. GRA has a unique, proven methodology that provides for smooth, assisted transition to ensure change is successful and maintained.

Coaching & Mentoring
New processes often require new ways of thinking that can best be learnt through one-to-one contact in an operational environment. GRA works with clients’ teams on site to assist them with making decisions and balancing trade-offs. GRA’s unique approach to coaching and mentoring ensures successful culture change and rapid ROI realisation.

GRA works with blue chip organisations and maintains an active training and development program across the Australian Defence Forces.


About Carter McNabb
Carter is a founding partner of GRA and is a regular speaker at industry events. He has consulted extensively in the United States, Latin America, Asia and Australia to manufacturing, distribution, retail and aftermarket organisations in industries ranging from Defence to FMCG to Hi-Tech. He also authors and runs the ‘Managing Supply Chain Inventory’ and the ‘Network Modelling & Optimisation’ courses within Monash University’s Supply Chain & Logistics Masters Program, and delivers courses in Forecasting and Inventory Management as part of the Asia Business Forum’s knowledge development series.

About GRA
GRA is an expert supply chain consulting firm specialising in demand, inventory and supply chain optimisation. We combine expert knowledge with best-of-breed planning and optimisation systems to take your supply chain to the next level. Our experience is your experience, and we work side-by-side with our clients to ensure change is successful and benefits are sustainable. Guaranteed results are typically delivered within 8-12 weeks, and we aim for a minimum 3:1 ROI.

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