GRA - GAINS Optimsiation Planning System (OPS) - Version 6 released

February 6, 2003

Greater Capability, More Power, True Optimisation

AMR Research often refers to GAINS as “the best kept secret in the industry”. This is a secret that highly successful, blue chip companies have discovered. For example, The Australian Defence Forces, McDonalds and Motorola have all realised substantial, quantifiable and sustainable benefits through their use of inventory software GAINS.

GRA is proud to announce the release of GAINS v6. With this release, GAINS further strengthens its position at the forefront of advanced planning and optimisation systems, and it reflects our on-going commitment to providing our clients with a clear and powerful competitive advantage.

Key GAINS v6 Enhancements

  1. Enhanced weekly demand planning
  2. Advanced collaborative planning tools enabled with the latest web-based technologies
  3. New graphical adjustment capabilities
  4. Enhanced cost optimisation routines
  5. The unique ability to calculate the most profitable service level policy for each item
  6. Production and capacity optimisation
  7. Repair pipeline optimisation
  8. New strategic simulation capabilities answering questions such as:
  9. Where should these products be stocked?
  10. What is the most cost effective or profitable source of supply?
  11. Should we make or buy these items?
  12. An integrated, graphical and customisable Sales & Operation Planning (SOP) suite that enables “slice and dice” investigation and supports “what if” scenario planning
  13. Advanced new item management and supercession capabilities
  14. New process automation capabilities and workflow tools
  15. User definable screen layouts GAINS*OPS Overview

The inventory software tool GAINS provides:

  • 30+ years experience in demand planning, inventory ptimisation and supply chain management;
  • rapid and proven results;
  • quick and easy implementation;
  • guaranteed outcomes and ROI; and
  • a unique approach to culture change.

GAINS is a “best of breed” inventory optimisation and management reporting tool which, for the last 30 years, has worked with over 500 companies across a range of industries managing in excess of $50 billion worth of inventory across 25 million items. GAINS*OPS has delivered inventory reductions in
excess of $15 billion whilst simultaneously and sustainably increasing service level performance.

It is important to note that many systems claim to “optimise”, but this is a largely misunderstood term. GAINS is a true optimisation system – it delivers a set of proven management controls that consistently deliver optimal results.

With its origin as an operations research consulting tool in the early 1970s, GAINS has had over 30 years of focused effort invested in its development. Development input has come from recognised international and domestic experts in fields such as academia, operations research, advanced mathematics and industry best practice. Importantly, the effectiveness of GAINS has been rigorously time-tested and proven over these 30 years.

The level of development effort, focused expertise and accumulated knowledge that has been invested in GAINS puts it in a class of its own. By way of evidence, please consider the following recent quotes from AMR Research Inc:

“GAINS is unique in the functionality provided to support Inventory Management (IM). In addition to functionality typically supported by IM specialists… GAINS approaches the IM problem in a precise, sophisticated fashion that focuses on profit optimization." - AMR Research, Inc. – Alert on Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Applications

"In regards to planning inventories based on maximizing corporate profits.To date, only GAINSystems’ inventory management application takes this approach in a systematic way.” - AMR Research, Inc. – Report on Supply Chain Management

“In designing inventory management systems for parts distribution, vendors such as … GAINSystems developed functionality that goes above and beyond what is available from ERP systems for managing supply, demand and the deployment of inventories.” - AMR Research, Inc. – Inventory Management – Do You Have The Goods?

The amount of specialist, proven knowledge that GAINS embodies is unparalleled in the industry. The benefit to our clients is a sophisticated, easy to use tool that consistently and rapidly delivers benefit.

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