Manufacturing & Distribution

Today’s manufacturers are under increasing pressure to maximise efficiency and reduce costs whilst simultaneously ensuring that new products are regularly developed to meet customers every changing needs.

This challenge is made particularly clear when the strong Australian dollar allows imports to be an attractive alternative to consumers especially when coupled with the high cost of skilled labour. It is essential then that the entire organisation can effectively plan and execute that plan with accuracy and flexibility.

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) or Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a well-known methodology to ensure that all critical parts of an organisation (Marketing, Sales, Production and Management) are completely aligned and working in sync to deal with future challenges. Whilst the methodology is well known, execution is often a major capability and competitive brake on success.

GRA can assist with ensuring that S&OP/IBP processes are effective, efficient and delivering the right business outcomes as well as being responsive to the changing needs of the competitive landscape. Not only can GRA help refresh or implement these processes, we look more deeply at the organisation to identify inherent but critical inhibitors such as poorly aligned KPI incentives, functional disconnects, process anomalies and sacred cows that need eliminating.

Once the right products are being manufactured efficiently and effectively, GRA can also help with ensuring that they can get to the customer in the most effective way. How many DC’s and where? Your own logistics capability or a 3PL? Even down to the most optimal routing for your existing fleet of trucks can be determined with a very clear and fact based analytical approach.

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"GRA are passionate about supply chains. They worked closely with our business to support the delivery of a multi-million dollar supply chain transformation. From the initial diagnostic to the business case and all throughout the implementation ? GRA maintained a professional and results focussed approach."

– Brad Hurst, Regional Supply Chain Director ANZ & Global Supply Chain Integration Project Lead, Allnex

Typical results

  • 20-40% inventory investment reduction
  • increased service levels ranging up to 99.9%
  • 10%-15% reduction in supply chain operating costs
  • 5%-20% spend management savings
  • the ability to fund business initiatives from operating cash flow (OCF) improvements
  • improved return on capital employed (ROCE)
  • a minimum 3:1 ROI (10:1 to 30:1 typical)