“GRA are passionate about supply chains. They worked closely with our business to support the delivery of a multi-million dollar supply chain transformation. From the initial diagnostic to the business case and all throughout the implementation – GRA maintained a professional and results focussed approach. The initial diagnostic and business case delivered in collaboration with GRA was well-thought out, structured and accurate. The program included a holistic transformation of the way we operate. This involved re-designing our customer value proposition to align our supply chain strategy, the implementation of a demand planning tool, leveraging our materials requirement planning system, enhancing our transport and warehousing capabilities and introducing an accountable sales & operations planning process that is now forward-looking, analyses trade-offs and actionable.”   

“We selected GRA to proceed with implementation of the supply chain transformation because they had a reputation in the market for results delivery. This reputation proved to have merit. With their help we have increased service levels, improved our working capital and reduced our supply chains costs. Their consulting approach in implementation is unique as it delivers outcomes whilst ensuring they are sustained and owned by the business.”

Brad Hurst, Regional Supply Chain Director ANZ & Global Supply Chain Integration Project Lead, Allnex

“GRA worked closely with our team to design, develop and deliver an end to end supply chain transformation. This involved implementing a demand-led supply chain that today drives a disciplined, integrated and effective S&OP process. Culturally, our organisation with help from GRA has significantly increased its awareness and appreciation for supply chain decision-making. The above has allowed us to improve our service levels & customer experience albeit whilst reducing inventory and supply chain operating expense.”

Zel Medak , Regional Business Director (ANZ), Allnex

"We commissioned GRA to complete a detailed review of our supply chain and identify opportunities to improve our performance. GRA created a clear and comprehensive strategy to transform our business towards best practice and enable our supply chain to become a source of competitive advantage."

"GRA worked closely with us throughout the transformation providing not only technical expertise but with the understanding  and experience in engaging people to navigate the cultural challenges that come with change. Their team are hands on, passionate and dedicated to delivering results and implementing sustainable improvements."

Melinda Johnston, Supply Chain Transformation Lead, Allnex

SMART Conference 2017 - Nuplex Case Study

GRA’s James Allt-Graham and Shanaka Jayasinghe, along with Allnex's (formerly Nuplex’s) Regional Supply Chain Manager, Brad Hurst, presented a case study to the 2017 SMART Conference.

The case study presentation Supply Chain Transformation: Delivering financial benefits and increased capabilities in a globalised manufacturer detailed a recent supply chain transformation program undertaken by one of Australia’s most significant manufacturing organisations–Nuplex.

The presentation outlined Nuplex’s organisational background and strategic imperative, including:

•    Global business with increased lead times and complexity
•    Underinvestment in supply chain capabilities
•    Need to reduce costs
•    Need to innovate and drive increased value for customers

Following the exploration and analysis of the above situation, a transformation program was developed and executed. The program was based on:

•    New Systems (Demand Planning, MRP, DRP and RF in the warehouse)
•    New processes (Integrated SOP and supporting executional processes)
•    Change management
•    Project Management across Australia and NZ in a global business
•    Benefits needing to be delivered as the program was implemented–self funding

The presenters outlined:

•    What worked well and why
•    What lessons were learned
•    What are the next strategic steps for Nuplex’s supply chain

The video presentation concludes with a Q&A session with the audience.


"GRA conducted a very thorough analysis and provided recommendations within an ambitious timeframe... GRA helped us improve morale and productivity almost immediately while giving us a roadmap for strategic planning as it relates to our warehouse operations."

– Larry Fells, Managing Director, Liberty Medical Pty Ltd

Typical results

  • 20-40% inventory investment reduction
  • increased service levels ranging up to 99.9%
  • 10%-15% reduction in supply chain operating costs
  • 5%-20% spend management savings
  • the ability to fund business initiatives from operating cash flow (OCF) improvements
  • improved return on capital employed (ROCE)
  • a minimum 3:1 ROI (10:1 to 30:1 typical)