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ERP Enterprise Asset Management Supply Chain

Our client is a regional water and wastewater utility service provider with a complex supply chain involving materials, outsourced and supporting services with spend ~$0.5bn pa is required to enable the asset management activity. An ERP upgrade was in progress to replace an outdated and unsupported ABB Ellipse system version. The Ellipse ERP upgrade was used as a platform to catalyse a major transformation of Enterprise Asset Management in the organisation including optimised mobile workforce management using Click Field Service Edge (FSE). GRA were engaged to provide Supply Chain subject matter expertise supporting the functional design of the ERP System Integration Project Consortium, specifically in the areas of Contract Management, Service Procurement, Work Order Management and Procurement Framework. For each of the focus areas our team set out to investigate Business Requirements and System Capability. 

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Asset Acquisition Strategy (Spares List Determination)

Our client is responsible for managing and providing engineering and supply chain sustainment support for an aviation system. An operating system had been introduced into service and due to regular demands for spares that could not be fulfilled (as they were not on the original spares acquisition list) was at risk of not achieving Full Operating Capability. GRA assisted the client to develop a spares buy list. Our client made use of GRA’s suggested spares buy list and recommended inventory management settings to make a one off acquisition buy to address the ‘nil stock’ issue. Once the spares acquired came into stock, the demanded spares fulfilment rate to the operator dramatically improved and the system achieved Full Operating Capability on schedule.

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Asset Acquisition Strategy (Test Equipment Options Development)

Our client is responsible for managing and providing engineering and supply chain sustainment support for an aviation system. A major component of the Support and Test Equipment (S&TE) system was due to become obsolete, with a limited window to make an acquisition decision for the number of replacement (upgraded model) units and associated test program sets. GRA assisted the client in making a timely acquisition decision with in depth analysis and modelling of future state scenario options. Our support to the client and recommendations enabled them to make a well informed decision within the limited time window, to satisfy the procurement lead time requirement and mitigate a high risk with significant consequences.

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Asset Acquisition Strategy (Logistics Support Concept Review)

Our client is responsible for managing and providing engineering and supply chain sustainment support for an aviation system. Following a series of acquisition decisions and challenges a comprehensive review of the sustainment support strategy was undertaken by GRA. We identified 30 components that may be impacted or warranted a review; assessed each component prioritising findings for a ‘deep dive’ analysis based on impact to the system and support costs; conducted a detail analysis of nine support strategy components; and recommended options with an assessment of trade-offs and impact on cost and system outcomes under each option.

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Procurement IT Evaluation and Selection

Our client, Australia’s leading rail freight operator and a top 50 ASX company, had undertaken a large scale transformation journey from a government owned enterprise to an ASX listed company, with considerable success in improving the commerciality of the business. As part of the transformation and in pursuit of further savings opportunities the company initiated a project to transform the efficiency and effectiveness of the procurement function. The procurement transformation project identified a number of improvement opportunities, including the need for a procurement IT solution. GRA provided a detailed analysis of potential business benefits from improving core procurement processes through IT-enablement revealing a compelling business case for implementation of a leading procurement IT solution. 

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Transport Strategy, Procurement, Supply Chain Strategy, Risk Management

Our client runs one of the largest logistics events in Australia - the Federal Election. Challenges for our client include securely moving ballots to over 7,700 polling places, temporary growth in staff from 800 to 70,000, and advanced purchasing of all materials and supplies. GRA was engaged to redesign the secure transport processes, identify the best use of technology and design a tender for the private sector to respond. GRA also reviewed the procurement process and transport for all Materials used at polling places. We presented the findings and at the conclusion of the current phase of the project our recommendations have been accepted by the Acting Commissioner and the Executive Team.

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Supply Chain Management Business Process Redesign

Our client, a National Airline, went through a process of supply chain transformation that included reviewing supply chain strategy, systems and organisational structure. Concurrently, new aircraft types were being introduced and aggressive cost saving targets had been identified. A review and re-design of supply chain management business processes were required as part of the supply chain transformation activities. GRA facilitated the review and redesign. Ultimately we validated our client's proposed future state operating model; developed business processes that integrated value streams within organisational structures; and developed a performance management framework. 

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Demand & Supply Planning "Health Check"

Our client, operating in the Australian Aerospace industry, experienced many inventory planning challenges yet aspired to be best-in-class in providing inventory management services. GRA conducted a 'Health Check' on their demand and supply planning process to provide an independent view of performance, to advise on opportunities for improvement and provide a view on their inventory management skills and capabilities. 

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“We selected GRA to proceed with implementation of the supply chain transformation because they had a reputation in the market for results delivery. This reputation proved to have merit. With their help we have increased service levels, improved our working capital and reduced our supply chains costs. Their consulting approach in implementation is unique as it delivers outcomes whilst ensuring they are sustained and owned by the business.”

– Brad Hurst, Regional Supply Chain Director ANZ & Global Supply Chain Integration Project Lead, Allnex

Typical results

  • 20-40% inventory investment reduction
  • increased service levels ranging up to 99.9%
  • 10%-15% reduction in supply chain operating costs
  • 5%-20% spend management savings
  • the ability to fund business initiatives from operating cash flow (OCF) improvements
  • improved return on capital employed (ROCE)
  • a minimum 3:1 ROI (10:1 to 30:1 typical)